Um . . . Sir Paul McCartney?!

Why would we ever think Sir Paul McCartney would ever get on stage and sing with us? Well, he DID! We knew we were playing a gig for his step son's graduation, and we knew he would be there, but the rest of the story still blows my mind. I was standing next to him on stage, singing next to him on stage . . . OMG! I still can't wrap my head around the entire thing. Amazing experience that I will NEVER forget.

So, Phase5 was booked a year in advance to play a graduation party for Sir Paul's stepson in Orlando. No biggie (yes it was), that Sir Paul was going to be there . . . BUT to have him get on stage with us, ask us to play and sing with him? I keep saying it, but it doesn't sound real. Soon after, we see all the social media posts with photos of us on stage with him. The local Orlando news station wants us in to do a morning interview about it . . . still crazy! Good morning Orlando! Thanks for having us NBC WESH 2 News!!

That night is definitely going straight to the TOP of my list of amazing things that have happened so far in my life!

Peace, Love and Booty Shakin',