Now Hear This! - Podcast

I was on Now Hear This! Had a great time and interview with Mr. Bruce Wawrzyniak. You can check it out too. My Podcast with Now Hear This, Inc. is out today!!!! Here's some places to check it out!!

Stitcher Radio:

There is also a segment called "Bruce's Bonus" in the middle of each episode, where Wawrzyniak "takes off (his) hat as podcast host and puts on (his) hat as president of Now Hear This, Inc., giving a helpful tip for the listeners that are musicians, singers, songwriters and entertainers who are out there, trying hard to make a go of it."

This is what they wrote up for me on their website and you can listen to the entire interview:

She sang with Paul McCartney less than a month after having opened for Josh Turner. She has also sung backup for Mary J Blige and Josh Groban. A songwriter, she has an EP coming out this year. She performed in Las Vegas a week before this interview and then in Chicago a week after recording this episode. Samantha has been a performer at Busch Gardens theme park and sung in bands that have opened for the likes of Rick Springfield and Brandie Carlisle. She has been singing professionally for almost eleven years and plays guitar and is learning ukulele.

Pretty cool to see my "life story" written out and discussed on the radio. Ha!

Peace, Love and Booty Shakin',