LIVE in Studio at Bubba The Love Sponge

We passed the "Unsigned Band Review" segment on Bubba's show a couple of weeks ago and he invited us to come in and play LIVE in his studio. My My brother had called me the night before to warn me about Bubba . . . nothing bad, just to be prepared for anything, oh and he might shoot a BB gun at ya if he doesn't like you. What?  We came prepared, we wore goggles and brought our own Nerf guns to fight back, ha! 

We get there, had to sign release forms and then waited in the green room to be called up. We've all heard his show before so I knew they could be listening into our conversations in the green room and to be careful . . . ha! This whole experience makes me laugh. Okay, so now it's time and someone from the show comes and gets us during one of Bubba's commercial breaks.  We had to set up, sound check and be ready to play in 8 minutes . . . no pressure, right?

We walk into the studio, Bubba's behind this glass desk thing up on a platform area. Next thing I know, its show time. No nerves singing, but nervous about what Bubba thought about it once we were done. 

He liked it! He really liked it! The crew all talked about how much they liked it and started talking about more events coming up in the future where we could perform. Love it! Can't wait. We'll see . . .

Peace, Love and Booty Shakin',