Josh Turner

Well that was better than I imagined, ha! I just played at Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival, opening up for Josh Turner. Who woulda thunk it?  Well, we kind of knew the person booking the events over there, and we just submitted some stuff like everyone else did. They liked our sound and had originally booked us for a different date, but then Josh Turner was booked, and I guess they thought we sounded like a good fit to open up for him. You know, same kind of genre I guess. 

I wasn't nervous or anything, but the heat was insane. I got to watch Josh's band's sound check. It was really cool to watch a national recording artist at work. After our set we watched Josh's concert, but the rain moved in and his set got cut short. He sounded just like his records though . . . awesome experience. Afterward when I was talking to Josh, he told me a kind of funny story about meeting my Dad.

 My dad loves Josh Turner, and he got to meet him after our set. Dad was like, "So what did you think of my daughter?"  Josh said, "I didn't really get to hear her much." Dad of course, was putting me over, telling Josh how awesome I was and Josh was like - "you have a really proud Dad!" 

What do you expect from a proud Dad? We rocked and did so well they wanted us back for the next headliner - Austin Mahone.  Stay tuned . . . 

Peace, love and booty-shakin'!