Frankie Valli Tribute

Let's Hang On is a Frankie Valli tribute show. We've been on the road together for 7 or 8 years now. This past week we were in Chicago, Connecticut, Boston, and Ohio for shows. I love traveling with these kids . . . it's like a big family. We get to travel all over the place, see cool places and people, and then work for a couple of hours . . . it's like going on vacation and getting paid for it. We did get to go back to Ohio (my home state), and I'm so glad I got to see some of my family and friends while I was home. I also got to show Heather Krueger one of my childhood places - Lagoon Deer Park.

Not a bad gig at all but, I'm happy to be back in Tampa! On to the next thang . . . 

Peace, Love and Booty Shakin',