Another Opener . . . Austin Mahone

Had another Busch Gardens gig. Got to open up for Austin Mahone. Let's talk about Austin's fans . . . ALL THE SCREAMING TEENAGERS! I know I was probably one of them at one point in my life, but WOW! Okay, okay . . . maybe I used to "stalk" O-Town back in the day when I knew they were in town and what hotel they were staying at, but I never cried, screamed and passed out. Really? Seriously, at one point this van came driving through the service road where we were setting up and a wild pack of teenage girls chased it screaming and crying, thinking that it was Austin Mahone in that van. Ladies, it was just a service van. Ahhhh, to be that young again. Ha! 

While I was doing my 2nd set, Austin was on the side of the stage doing backflips with his dancers, and posing on a Mustang for some sort of photo shoot I guess. I kept looking over there thinking, "What is he doing?" One of the oddest stage moments I can say I've had so far on this journey. Never a dull moment I tell ya!

Peace, Love and Booty Shakin',